Can Art by Kathleen Young

Can Art by Kathleen Young
(c) 2015

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Let me just start with a Disclaimer:  Harvesting Oregon is not easy.  It's a steep learning curve just to mine information from Locals.  Oregonian's are a little stand-offish until you ask them a question.  They won't walk up to you and tell you where their favorite clamming/fishing/mushrooming spot is. And God Forbid, don't let on early in the conversation that you are a California Native.

You are going to get wet.  You are going to get dirty.  You are going to get stung.  You are going to get caught up in berry vines.  And when the harvesting is done for the day, you will need to re-up on the B-Vitamins, and process it all.  Your goods won't last long.  You've got 24 hours, at best, to get your work processed.

Don't complain about the rain.  It's what makes Oregon Oregon.   My favorite motto since moving here:  "If you wait for the sun, It will never get done."  Saw that on a weather forecast station while recovering in a nice, warm hotel room from a blustery day of hunting down treasures on the heels of high tide following a storm at the beach.  There will be enough sun for a year's worth of Vitamin D in August.  You will be praying for the sun to set then.  Just spend a day here as the sun rises at 4:30 AM and the light is still in the Western Sky at 10:30 PM.

I've been here in the Great Northwest for three seasons now, coming up on my Fourth.  I've pulled in a few Blue Ribbons at the Oregon State Fair.  I can already smell Spring.  My thoughts are on new recipes that take berries beyond Jam.  Clams beyond Fried.  Veggies beyond Stir Fry.

I would like to impart my experience on anyone willing to listen/read.  I would like to help make moving to The Great Northwest a bit less intimidating to anyone genuinely interested.  If you came here to make this place the place you came from, turn around.  They, and we, don't need you here.  Appreciate what this land has to offer.  Thank it for it.  And thank the people that have spent lifetime's here to make it what it is today.

 (C) Copyright 01.17.2015.  All rights reserved.

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